Attention Flooded Homeowners

Carolina Flood Solutions LLC extends our prayers to you and your families affected by this catastrophic event. We have compiled some resources to help you recover from the flood. My best advice is to seek professional help from someone who is experienced with flood mitigation before you rebuild or repair. The decision you make will have long-term impacts on the cost of flood insurance that others will not inform you of or they will only give you half the story. Get a second opinion.If you can help you please call us immediately before you rebuild or repair. The process can be complicated, time consuming and confusing. We know all the things that have to be done and can make this an easy transition for you. Whether you choose Carolina Flood Solutions LLC, or someone else, we wish you the best on this endeavor.  God speed.

Announcing New Non-Engineered Flood Openings Guide  

Download: Non-EngineeredOpening Guide

Carolina Flood Solutions LLC is pleased to announce the development and release of a “Non-Engineered Flood Openings Field Guide,” in collaboration with Smart Vent Products, Inc.  After years of reviewing elevation certificates and insurance policies that have failed to properly calculate the “net” open area  of non-engineered openings,  Lisa S. Jones, Principal, of Carolina Flood Solutions LLC,  in collaboration with Smart Vent Products, Inc., set out to develop a field guide for use by surveyors, floodplain managers and insurance professionals to reference in calculating or verifying the “net” open area of non-engineered openings. These openings mainly consist of fixed static air vents with screens that have been used to cover flood openings in foundation walls of residences and commercial buildings located In the floodplain. These flood openings are required by local ordinances to relieve hydrostatic pressures against foundation walls so they do not collapse during flood conditions. In addition, flood openings help to lessen the impact on the surrounding floodplain and maintain documented Base Flood Elevation by allowing the flood water to flow into the enclosed space utilizing it as flood storage. Please share the release of this information with your colleagues.

How to use the Non-Engineered Openings Guide 

A simple two- page document to help explain the openings requirements.

Let’s face it; the National Flood Insurance Program is a complex government program.

Whether your issue or concerns is with flood insurance, flood maps or the floodplain regulations, Carolina Flood Solutions, LLC is uniquely qualified to assist our clients with a variety of flood insurance and floodplain related tasks from the earliest thoughts of a building or renovation project to assisting clients with flood-prone development and construction services. Read More

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  • Forensic NFIP Premium Audit
  • Flood Insurance Review
  • Mitigation/retrofit suggestions to lower flood insurance premiums
  • Elevation and Floodproofing Certificates
  • Appealing Flood Hazard Determinations
  • Amendments to Flood Insurance Rate Map
  • Floodproofing Plans Required for Insurance Rating Retention
  • Project Management
  • Residential and Commercial Home Builders Consulting
  • Mortgage Lending Consulting
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Innovative Suggestions for Flood Risk Reduction/Mitigation
  • Floodplain Development/Construction Techniques and Code Compliance
  • Community Compliance and Enforcement Review/Assistance
  • Community Ordinance Assistance
  • Community Development Permit Review
  • Community Rating System Analysis
  • Customized Training and Outreach Design
  • Elevation Certificate Training for the Compliance Professionals
  • Floodplain 101
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